Denver Urban Trees vs. Solar



       We recently activated our new solar energy system here at NativelandscapingLLC world headquarters. Within minutes we had saved 2.61 pounds of CO2.
      I researched the amount of CO2 saved from solar systems as opposed to trees and discovered that roughly 102 trees sequester the amount of CO2 that a 5,000 watt solar system saves.  Essentially, from an air quality and climate change perspective solar panels trump trees.
       On the one hand, if we cut down our trees and install solar panels we may have more sunlight to grow food with.  On the other hand it seems an already hot climate would only get hotter. Finally I decided the aesthetics of a tree are paramount to any landscape.

You may be asking yourself why I am writing this in my blog, and the reason is; a balance must be struck when changing your environment.

Nativelandscaping LLC would like to help you create the aesthetic and functional environment you desire. 

posted: July 16, 2013 - Native Landscaping - Colorado Landscaping - Blog
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